Jamie Jauncey

words & stories at work


As a WRITER, I’ve been the author of everything from strategies to CSR reports, speeches to corporate poems. As a TRAINER and COACH, I’ve helped develop TONE OF VOICE and run LANGUAGE and WRITING workshops and training programmes for clients in almost every sector of the UK economy.
I’ve also worked with businesses and organisations in the UK, Europe and Asia, running workshops to help them understand the power of STORYTELLING and tell their own STORIES.

Everyone, every business and organisation, every individual too, needs a sense of purpose. Why are we doing this? What do we stand for? What are the things we really care about? Why would the world be a poorer place without us? And how can we get other people to believe in us – clients, customers, shareholders, colleagues,
employees, suppliers, associates, donors, sponsors, all the people on whom our success depends?

Compelling stories and simple, human language play a huge part, not only in helping us answer these questions for ourselves, but also – obviously – in communicating the answers to others. The right words, the right stories, can have a critical impact in almost every area of business activity:

  1. being a leader

  2. engaging staff and building teams

  3. developing strategy and innovating

  4. developing business or fundraising

  5. marketing and communicating

  6. building brands

I believe that good WRITING is good writing in any context. So I write – and encourage others to write – business language that’s simple and conversational, clear and informative
, human and engaging, free of gobbledegook, relevant to its audience, imaginative and empathetic.

I show how STORIES can help leaders to

speak with a more authentic and inspiring personal voice; communicate business messages more powerfully, especially those to do with vision and values; strengthen relationships with customers, colleagues, associates and others; and retain staff by helping them to feel more connected with the business purpose.


Since we are all humankind, we should remember to be kinder to one another when we communicate at work. The alternative is to be unkind, to use language which fails to connect or even alienates. The choice isn’t hard.”

From A Few Kind Words