Hello. I’m a WRITER who believes in the power of stories and simple, human language as a force for progress and understanding in business and in life. Everything I do has one goal: making better connections.

  1. -I help people and organisations find their VOICES and tell their STORIES

  2. -I help teams find their PURPOSE and CREATIVITY through storytelling and writing

  3. -I WRITE things for people in business

  4. -I help people in business to WRITE BETTER themselves

I’m the co-author, with John Simmons, of ROOM 121: A MASTERCLASS IN WRITING AND COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS (see Books), and I write a weekly blog about language and life at A FEW KIND WORDS.

I’m one of three partners in the DARK ANGELS programme of residential Creative Writing in Business courses. I’ve also been a director of 26, the national writers’ organisation which champions a better use of language at work.

Writing as JAMES JAUNCEY, I’ve published a number of novels for adults and children (see Books), and I’ve been chairman of the SOCIETY OF AUTHORS in Scotland.

For many years I sat on the board of the EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL, the world’s largest celebration
of the written word, and I’ve chaired many literary events. When I have time I play the piano - sometimes even for money.

I’m married, with four children and one grandchild, and I live on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. With my wife Sarah, a trained counsellor, I also run PERSONAL INSIGHT workshops for individuals.


07971 511952




“Teaches storytelling techniques as well as how to translate management speak into English.” Financial Times

Jamie interviews Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.


26 - inspiring a greater love of words in business and in life.

Jamie and friends celebrate the music of Robert Burns.

“Your blog is one of my favourite things about Friday.” Roshni Goyate, London

Personal insight workshops with Jamie & Sarah Jauncey

“We are skaters on the ice of life and our blades are words. When we are truly at one with ourselves, those words make us fly.”

From Room 121

Jamie Jauncey

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